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Friday, April 16, 2010

Love it to bits!

With all the talk of decorating vintage printers trays I remembered that I had an old wooden thimble holder / display box in the garage that I hadnt done anything with for over a year (originally a bargain Ebay purchase for £5), so out it came armed with black paint and I began!
One thing you learn is that as you get older you start to turn into your mother - the amount of times I had laughed at her for getting paint on nice clothes and not bothering to change, well theres me doing exactly the same!
Emtying boxes everywhere in my craft room my desk was strewn with embellishments for me to pick and choose from, I knew I wanted it for my dining room so it was just a case of finding the right pretties. All in all it took just over an hour (minus painting) and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I cant wait now to do another in white and pastels for my craft room.

Check out my 2 favs in the 2Peas gallery: