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Friday, April 23, 2010

Its raining ribbons!!

Im so in love with these ribbons that I had to share with you!! I came across a fab site called Crafty Ribbons as I wanted to top up my ribbon stash and started to add a few pretties to my basket as they were really reasonable. One of the items I added was called Bev's ribbon bag and it was a mix of different spring ribbons for £5 - my jaw dropped open when they arrived! Normally Im ultra cautious with ribbon packs as there is always something I dont like and it ends up being a bit of a waste of money but these were amazing.

14 separate 1m length gorgeous ribbons in beautiful colours - some satin and some organza all between 1-2 inches wide. Here's a few close ups so you get a feel.

Nip over to the site and have a nose around as theres some great ribbons and if you look at the bottom of
the home page theres a link to the blog where there is a question to get free shipping too!! It looks like there's a new bag at now but you never know she might have some of these bags left if you contact her!!

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