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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beatiful sunday treat day

What a stunning weekend its been with this gorgeous weather - was up early today to go to the car boot sale with Mum as I hadnt been to our regular one for a few years and boy was I amazed at how great it was..I was like a kiddy in a sweet shop with so many stalls and as they say "one man's junk is another man's treasure"! We were wandering around for a good 3 hours (well with rest for burger and coke!) and picked up some amazing bargains - I bought a couple of gorgeous metal baskets for my craft room and some more thimble holders to paint and Mum found a couple of incredible 3x3' wrought iron pot holders and the man only wanted 10p each, I think she nearly fell over when she asked him as she was expecting him to say about £10!! Cant wait to go again next week!
Came home and decided to treat myself - last night I was originally looking at the new pink Cuttlebugs but was umming a little as I only wanted it for card embossing and then I came across the Texture Boutique - I think I missed the release of that one! It was perfect and at only £21 so Ive gone ahead and treated myself along with a few embossing folders.........its calmed my nerves a little as I start a new job tomorrow!!

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